Overview Big Communi-Tea

The aim of the project is to provide a safe and friendly places, using existing coffee shops tea rooms and existing businesses that are available to everybody who may be lonely feels vulnerable or who just need a friendly welcome in a friendly supportive environment.

We are looking for participating businesses all over North Yorkshire


The Big Communi-Tea should become a hub and spoke approach for all towns and the community’s with in them. It will bring people back in to town centres and be available for anybody and everybody and will forge links with as many individuals’ as possible, therefore being beneficial for all users. This has already started to work well, and we are looking at extending the scheme to other areas. With your help we can cut through the red tape and avoid costly time consuming Steering Committees and get this initiative up and running.

What do you need to do?

Just stick the sign in your window, to show your establishment is: Safe, Supportive, and Welcoming

The Big Communitea will then start to promote you on our website,

Provide you with support marketing tools and information,

You will be promoted through lots of agencies, and will receive regular media attention

We will be using different venues to promote different activities.

How much will it cost, not one penny, just a smile and a friendly welcome?

There will initially be only three businesses of the same type in each town.

It’s time to Change North Yorkshire. Let’s start to support each other again. Let’s get rid of loneliness help the vulnerable and get people back into the town centre. And all this can be done with just a cup of tea and a smile.

We would like you to get involved, if have any ideas that can help improve lives around your community then please contact.

Communitea.org.uk                                                           Info@communitea.org.uk