CommuniTea events

In a bid to celebrate our new brand refresh and 30th anniversary, Crimestoppers has launched a series of ‘CommuniTea’ events to help spread the word about the charity and our achievements since inception.

With volunteer committees spread right across the UK, the events will be as big or small as they can manage.

Types of events being run include

  • Afternoon tea on a train line that runs through a high-crime area in the South West
  • A double decker bus that will tour city centres in Scotland, and
  • Stalls at local fêtes

When are they run?

The events are due to run from May to July.

Working with our local communities

We look forward to working with local communities to help them find out more about us in a friendly, fun and approachable environment.

Want to know more?

If you are interested in knowing more or taking part – get in touch now.